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As a community of educators, we believe that ongoing and evolving professional learning enables us to support each other and share the rich experiences which makes us all better educators.  ATESOL NSW schedules regular events, including open forums.  We value input from our members and welcome any suggestions for professional learning that you and your colleagues may have, especially if you are in regional NSW. 


Would you like to host an ATESOL workshop at your school, TAFE or Early Childhood workplace? Contact us: ATESOL NSW Professional Learning Committee



EAL/D  Action Learning projects – Project information session 

Details: This information session shares details on the opportunity for classroom teachers to engage in a  year-long action learning, professional development program, aimed to address a specific issue related to teaching EAL/D learners in their school. 

Audience: K-12 Teachers who have EAL/D learners in their classes

Presenters: Michael Michell, Margaret Turnbull & Mark Fraser

Where: Online (Zoom)

When: Week 5, Term 2

When: Wednesday 29th May, 2024 

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Cost: Free

To register for this information, please click HERE.


Assessing English units of work: differentiating for EAL/D students       

Audience: PrimaryEAL/D Teachers and Primary Teachers who have EAL/D students in their classroom. 

Presenters: Kathy Rushton and Joanne Rossbridge 

Where: Online (Zoom)

When: Week 8, Term 2, 

Tuesday 18th June, 2024  

4.00 pm – 5:30 pm 

Cost: $20 Members, $30 Non-members

To register for this professional learning seminar, please click HERE.


Assessing and teaching Oracy

Audience: TAFE, Adult

Presenters: Glenice Aiken and Marina Pearce 

Where: Online (Zoom)

When: Week 8, Term 2 

Thursday 20th June, 2024 

4.00 -5.30pm 

Cost: $20 Members, $30 Non-members

To register for this professional learning seminar, please click HERE.

Parliament field trip    

Audience: TAFE, Adult

Presenters: Glenice Aiken Marina Pearce

When: Week 7, Term 3 Tuesday 3 June, 2024 
Time:  4:00 pm – 5:30 pm 
Where:  Online (Zoom)
Cost: $20 Members, $30 Non-members

To register for this professional learning seminar, please click HERE.

Teaching the Sounds

Audience:  TAFE, Adult

Presenters: Glenice Aiken and Marina Pearce

When: Week  7, Term 4 Tuesday 26 November, 2024 
Time:  4:00 pm – 5:30 pm 
Where:  Online (Zoom)
Cost: $20 Members, $30 Non-members

To register for this professional learning seminar, please click HERE. 







A year-long action learning, professional development program, involving a project team of at least one EAL/D teacher, a class and an executive teacher, in co-designing, implementing and reporting on a negotiated project aimed at scaffolded, high challenge/high support EAL/D student learning in a regular classroom. The project team will be supported by TESOL academics provided by ATESOL NSW.


Target schools:

Primary and secondary schools in metropolitan or rural and regional settings with identified EAL/D learner needs willing to establish a project team and undertake project-based learning to adapt their class program planning, implementation and assessment in any curriculum area.


Program focus and structure:

School teams implement two term-length cycles of action learning throughout the year.

The first cycle begins with a workshop introducing the concepts and practice of high challenge/high support scaffolding pedagogy and allows teams time to co-design and plan an intervention strategy focused on a particular area of need.

Teachers attend a mid-year workshop to share and review implementation of their intervention strategy and outline plans for the second cycle. Teams present the outcomes of their class strategy at an end-of-year forum of project schools, prospective participants and other invited guests.

For schools commencing the project mid-year, a single cycle will be undertaken.


Program implementation support:

Schools support project implementation through:

  • allocation of five relief days per teacher for attendance at three workshops and two in-school team planning and evaluation days
  • appointment of an executive member to the project team as project liaison person.
  • a project fee ($5,000 for ATESOL school supporter members, $7,500 for non-members).

ATESOL NSW supports the school’s project implementation through provision of:

  • an academic presenter at the introductory workshop
  • academic consultancy support at in-school team planning and evaluation days
  • program co-ordinator as a project liaison person.


Benefits of the program:

The project focus allows wide flexibility for project teams to address school priorities such as oral language, reading and writing. The program applies a systematic and explicit approach to teaching and differentiation that fosters independent peer and individual student learning and engagement in language diverse mainstream classrooms. The program provides project teams methods to track student outcomes and opportunities to share their professional learning. The program has proven to be an effective model of sustained professional development that promotes the development and dissemination of inclusive, research-informed pedagogy, and builds teachers’ creative capabilities for productive pedagogy and educational leadership.


ATESOL team: Michael Michell, Margaret Turnbull, Mark Fraser.


Expressions of interest: Please send name of the school, executive contact, possible project focus and project team details to Michael Michell at:


Recorded Events

As a member of ATESOL NSW, you are able to participate in professional learning offered by other state and territory associations across Australia associated with ACTA. The professional learning cost is the same for any association member. 


Below are links to sessions ran in the last few years which are open to all to view.

Using the EAL/D Learning Progression for initial assessment across K-6
3 November 2021
Presenter: Caitlin Park

Click here.

Revitalisation and maintenance of Aboriginal languages
When: 12 August 2021
Presenter: Aboriginal Teachers from Central Australia & NSW, with Susan Poetsch
Click here.

Multilingual Storyboxes in the EAL/D Classroom
When: 10 August 2021
Presenter: Gill Pennington
Click here.

Shared experiences in teaching and supporting refugee students
When: 17 June 2021
Presenter: Kim Cootes, Gill Pennington, Cindy Valdez-Adams, Vi Nguyen & Nathan Jeffrey
Click here.

Teaching refugees – The way forward
When: 16 June 2021
Presenter: Dorothy Hoddinott AO
Click here.

Developing language through the Arts
When: Monday, 14 June 2021
Presenter: Cindy Valdez-Adams
Click here.

Exploring, thinking, and learning about languages and literacies with young people in Australian classrooms
When: Monday, 15 March2021
Presenter: Dr Jacqueline D’warte
Click here
The presentation notes for this session are available here.

More resources are available here.

Listening to AMEP Teachers – A forum with Alison Larkins, Commonwealth Coordinator-General for Migrant Services
When: 10 March 2021
Click here.

English for Adult Migrants – Future Directions Webinar

Learn about the Commonwealth Government’s vision for English language provision for adult migrants
11 November 2020
Click here.

Multilingual Storyboxes in the Primary Classroom
When: 20 May 2020
Presenter: Dr Gillian Pennington
Click here.

ICT in the EAL/D Program
When: 13 May 2020
Presenter: Janet Freeman
Click here.

The presentation notes are available here.

Other Professional Learning

Our partners offer Professional Learning that demonstrates effective pedagogies to support all learners.

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