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We are a community of educators, dedicated to helping improve the educational outcomes for learners of English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) and promoting multilingualism.

ATESOL NSW works to support EAL/D learners to access the curriculum and for inclusive meaningful learning experiences. We are committed to providing quality professional learning opportunities, which help develop effective pedagogy so that all teachers can support their EAL/D students’ academic, social and well-being learning needs.

Primary Resources

  • Drama Primary Part 1
  • Drama Primary Part 2
  • Drama Primary Part 3
  • Drama Primary Part 4
  • Drama Primary Part 5
  • Drama Primary Part 6
  • Drama Primary Part 7
  • Drama Primary Part 8
  • Drama Primary Part 9
  • Drama Primary Part 10

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Secondary Resources

The English (EAL/D) Trial HSC Exam package is created by qualified and experienced HSC English (EAL/D) teachers and exam markers, some of whom are regular presenters at ETA Student Days.

AVAILABLE in Term 3:  Week 9 – 23rd June, 2023.

The package includes:
▪  a digital version of Papers 1 & 2 and the Listening Paper (pdf as well as Microsoft Word format for easy editing)
▪  quality selection of unseen texts and questions based on syllabus outcomes
▪  comprehensive marking criteria and sample answers
▪  Listening Paper audio file (mp3 format)

ATESOL NSW has developed a process for receiving the English (EAL/D) Trial HSC Exam package to eliminate opportunities for malpractice by students and coaching companies. Pre-registration is essential and only schools are eligible.

If your Secondary or K-12 school, organisation or institution is a current ‘Supporter’ of ATESOL NSW ($250 membership), please register here. If your school, organisation or institution is not currently a member, JOIN US as a ‘Supporter’ to access the English (EAL/D) Trial HSC Exam package.  

If you have already paid for individual membership, please get in touch with us. You will need to make an additional payment of $170.00 to upgrade to the School/Organisation membership category.

N.B. Teachers are able to print copies of all components of the exam for students at the purchasing school only. All exam question and answer papers (i.e. student responses) must be retained until the end of the security period.

If you wish to purchase ‘PAST’ HSC Packs, click here to buy now. 

Tertiary/Adult resources

TESOL in Context journal

TESOL in Context is the peer-reviewed publication of the Australian Council for TESOL Associations (ACTA). It is written for teachers, researchers and others interested in TESOL within Australia and internationally.  TESOL in Context provides access to current TESOL  research in universities, schools, adult migrant programs, vocational training, English for international students and TESOL teacher training, both in Australia and internationally.   The aims of TESOL in Context  are to:
  • provide professionals with insights into the TESOL issues in Australia and internationally
  • contribute to the development of classroom expertise through dissemination of current research and thinking around TESOL.
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